Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

The diagnostic evaluation is the most critical part of the process.  Audiologists have the highest level of education and experience with the auditory system (hearing), vestibular system (balance) as well as rehabilitation of hearing loss.  The evaluation is critical as it provides all the information for appropriate prescriptions and treatments.  Following the evaluation, Carolyn will provide recommendations which allow patients to stay connected to the sounds and people they love for years to follow. 

Examination: A visual exam of your ears for any factors that could affect the hearing test results such as infection or wax build-up.
Hearing History: A complete review of your otological (hearing) health and general health factors that can affect hearing such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
Hearing Test: Evaluation of the sensitivity of your hearing. It takes place in a sound-proofed booth.
Results: Carolyn will explain the diagnostic test results and how they relate to the concerns or communication difficulties that you described.
Solutions and Recommendations: The results of the evaluation will be explained in detail: how your hearing and auditory processing of sound is functioning.   If Carolyn determines that further consult by an Otolaryngologist (Ear/Nose/Throat) is required, an appropriate medical referral will be made.  If your hearing loss is related to hazardous occupational noise, the clinic can help initiate hearing loss claims with third party providers such as Worker’s Compensation and Veterans’ Affairs.


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